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Balance: 18311 satoshi

10 (22.63%), 15 (20.11%), 20 (18.86%), 25 (17.6%), 30 (15.09%), 50 (4.71%), 100 (0.99%) satoshi every 30 minutes.

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ffaucetcoin.com , is a bitcoin faucet where you can earn a lot of money in bitcoin from santoshi to bitcoin with our 100% secure and automated system so you can earn that and much more, over time we have realized that Internet users what they are looking for the most is to make money online and one of those things or key is bitcoin , because it is more compatible with the whole net and users in general ffaucetcoin always looks for ways to keep you all present in what is called bitcoin and with the bid to earn quick money.

Some of our specific sources in command to earn money range from 500 santoshi to the 1 best bitcoin called BTC , you can win from 10 santoshi to 50 santoshi it all depends on the internet bid and according to your luck, you'll see that it will take you prize., we also have a system to earn an extra bonus for just visiting a link free web shorter so you can take something extra and you will see that it is not so difficult to earn money in bitcoin , also our referral system gives you 15% of what your referral does so crediting your account.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin  is a currency, such as the euro or the US dollar, that serves to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin  is an electronic currency  that presents novel features and stands out for its efficiency, security and ease of exchange.
Its biggest difference compared to other currencies is a decentralized currency, so nobody controls it. Bitcoin does not have a central issuer such as dollars or euros, the cryptocurrency is produced by people and companies around the world devoting a large amount of resources to mining.

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